Scavenger hunts are a series of switches (or plungers) scattered throughout the Fleck world. Plungers belonging to the same hunt are placed at locations which share a common theme, such as the busiest US airports. Players find the plungers by travelling to a destination or landmark using the transport dialog, then search the general area for the relevant plunger.

It's important to note that not all scavenger hunt plungers are located at the exact drop point for the address or location name. Some searching is often required from the initial drop point, and many players have planted signposts with helpful hints and directions regarding the closest plunger, as well as clues to the location of the next plunger in the series. It is also worth noting that various spellings and word selections can lead to different drop points and often the correct location wont drop you where it should.
Multiple players can participate in a scavenger hunt, each activating as few as one plunger in the series. Upon completion of a scavenger hunt, all participating players are rewarded with 1000 coins and 500 XP (for the first completion, subsequent completions of the same hunt will earn only 1 coin and 1 XP). Each player receives their appropriate reward regardless of how many plungers they activated in the series, and how many participants there were in the hunt.Edit

List of offical scavenger huntsEdit

(bolded hunts have in game decorations):