About one third of the US is covered by forests.
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Previous Quest: Mental Maples

Level Req: Level 50

Next Quest: A Walking Sprinkler


Prune 50 trees (any type)

Remember, some trees need to be pruned, while others need to be harvested. This quest is for pruning, so look for the scissors icon. 

Prune 20 Birches

A noble gift tree, Birches grow tall among their peers. 

Prune 20 Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms add a bright splash of color! 

Prune 20 Oaks

Oaks have a longer pruning cycle than most trees, but they pay off pretty well. 

Prune 10 Ornamental Maples

Ornamental Maples take the longest time to grow, but they are among the richest of trees.