(Note: this section refers to plants as flowers, shrubs, and trees, although other "plants" such as combat items and decor can also be accessed through the "plant" action.)

Plants are the primary source of income (coins only at this time). The planting menu is accessed by clicking on an empty spot and selecting the "plant" option. Plants are divided into several categories:

  • Flowers
  • Shrubs
  • Trees
  • Water Plants
  • Rare Flowers
  • Rare Shrubs
  • Rare Trees
  • Rare Water Plants
  • Rare Produce
  • Rare Desert-Plants
  • Rare Pacific-Plants

Once planted, most plants require a period of time to mature, ranging from one minute to 21 days. Upon harvesting, the player collects a reward of coins based on the base value of the plant, the applied variety bonus, and use of a planter box. Plants require periodic watering, without which, the plant will wilt (destroying any uncollected harvest), and eventually, die. Dead plants can be cleared for a gain of 5XP. Click on the "i" symbol next to a plant's name to see it's watering stats

Watering costs up to 1 stamina per plant. Planting or replanting consumes 3 stamina. Harvesting a plant consumes 2 stamina. Clearing a plant consumes 3 stamina. Planting is introduced in the introductory tutorial or Planting Primer quest.


Players can specify whether plants are private, friends only, or public. Friends only and public settings allow other players to harvest your plants for you. They get a small coin reward for helping. Equally, you can harvest plants that are public or belong to your friends for coins or to complete challenges.


Available under the info button in the context menu for plants

This is a plant! They take a little time to grow, but once mature, you can harvest them for coins. Plants will eventually get thirsty (after a few days) -- keep them watered or they'll wilt (and eventually die)! But plants in your backyard won't get thirsty, you've got an irrigation system for that.

Don't be afraid to ask for help -- anyone can water your plants!

Last watered: d / h / m ago Will need water in: d / h / m