Fleck is a game with a community. You can play by yourself - but it's more fun with other people. You can invite friends to play, or you can meet people in the game. Complete these tasks to get started!
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Previous Quest: Lending a Hand

Level Req: Level 1

Next Quest: Out on a Limb


Add a friend

Just click anyone's name and click 'Add Friend'. Once you're friends, you can trade gifts and visit each other by viewing their profile. You may need to refresh the web page to update the Friends list once they have accepted your request. 

Give a gift

Some gifts are free to send. You can send a gift to each friend every day. View a friend's profile to send a gift. 

Request a gift

You can request a gift through the Marketplace. Click the shopping cart and then go to the Gifts tab. Any friends who are online will see the request in chat. 

Receive a gift

Friends can send you gifts, even if you are offline. You'll receive them the next time you log in, or in the chat log while you're online.