It's easy to help other players in Fleck, even if they aren't around. Don't be shy - maybe they'll return the favor! You can always ask for help in the chat window if you're having trouble!
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Previous Quest: Joining the Jet Set

Level Req: Level 1

Next Quests: Making Friends, The Game is Afoot


Water someone else's plants (5)

You can water anyone's plants when they are thirsty. Look for the water drop over a plant. Plants get thirsty after three days without water. Try asking for help finding thirsty plants - other players will probably know where to find some, or they'll be happy for your help watering their garden!

TIP: Be sure to view the Vacation page for listings of other Fleck players who are out of town. They will greatly appreciate any water you drop on their gardens! Flecktions are another great place to check for water and see some amazing creations at the same time.