Welcome to Fleck! Let's get you up to speed. Complete these tasks to get started with your neighborhood.
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Previous Quest: Learn About Fleck

Level Req: Level 1

Next Quest: Joining the Jet Set


Place House

Your house is where you will start whenever you log in, and other players will be able to see your home town - so pick a neighborhood you like! And please be considerate - don't just plant your house in someone else's garden without asking them first.
Choose where you want to place it by clicking on the map, and choosing 'Place House'. If you don't see the option, zoom in on the map. You need to be zoomed in all the way to interact with objects and other players on the map. 

Speak Up!

Talk to people using the chat box below the map. This is how people communicate!
Fleck is played with other live people all across the US, so you never know who might be online! 

Invite People to Visit

Use the Broadcast Location button to invite people over to where you are. They'll see the invitation in their chat window. It's the button with the orange globe, next to chat. 

Dance with Somebody

Dance with at least one other person at the same time! Click on your character standing on the map, and choose the 'Dance' action to break it down. You can click it several times in a row to keep it going!