Looks like you've got a nice garden started. Once you have a garden, it's important to maintain it! Your neighbors will certainly appreciate it!
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Previous Quest: Spring Mix

Level Req: Level 2

Next Quest: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not


Fertilize 5 plants

You can get fertilizer from all sorts of places, if you haven't got any now. Sometimes you find it after zombie battles, or inside buried treasure! 

Harvest/prune 10 trees/shrubs

All the fun of running an orchard, and none of the hassle!
Be sure to harvest fruit when it's ready, because it can fall off if you wait too long. 

Water 10 plants

Splish, splash! Plants get thirsty after about 3 days. And if you need to find something to water, there's probably someone online who could use a hand!