A glossary of Fleck-specific terms, acronyms and language.

  • AFK - Away From Keyboard, not paying actual attention to the game at the time, though the game was left on intentionally.
  • drops - refers to loot, or prizes won from Zenoplant hunts
  • drop point, or "" - a phrase or word in quotation marks typically indicates what to type into location search to get to a specific place on the map
  • Flecktard - someone who has no idea and does some silly things.
  • Flecktion - a piece of in game artwork composed of the various plants and items you can place on the map.
  • Googlequake - when an address or landmark name suddenly no longer transports players to the same position on the game map as before, this is known as a googlequake. Coined by blue on 8 March 2011.
  • on a vamp/vamping - when in chat, indicates that the player has purchased a Vampire Power Drink from the marketplace, and has no time to do anything but try to use it as much as possible. Sometimes used in conjunction with offering to help water or harvest other player's plants, in which case respond quickly and with a broadcast link.
  • plunger - a Scavenger Hunt switch.
  • shoe party - refers to a hunting party comprised of players on a Lucky Horse Shoe power up
  • ZP - Zenoplant
  • zenofy - describes the action of a plant turning into a Zenoplant upon harvest. Plants that zenofy will turn into a dead plant once the ZP has been killed, or once it expires.