What is Fleck?Edit

Fleck is an MMO played on Google Maps that launched into semi-public beta June 30, 2010. You can drop your digital house anywhere across the current playable area and use it as your base of operations to plant map-spanning gardens, dig up zombies and promptly send them back to their graves or both. In Fleck you play with other people in real time, working individually or cooperatively to complete your goals.

Where can I play?Edit

Currently, Fleck can be played within a browser using Adobe's Flash Player or on the iPad App, Fleck Touch. The browser based version can be played on Fubar and

Versions for deployment on other mobile platforms are in development and do not have a specific release target


  • One of Fleck's internal codenames was "Guns & Roses"[1]
  • helava on why it's called fleck: Fleck ... it's like a "fleck" of paint. Leave your mark on the world.


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