City Points were added to Fleck in an update on May 4, 2011.City Points

Points are awarded as follows:

  • Planting flowers: Points equal to the cost of the flower + 2 for the XP required to plant.
  • Harvesting flowers: Points equal to harvest coins - original cost + harvest XP.
  • Zombie hunts: Points equal to coins and XP awarded for the hunt.
  • Purchasing/Renewing Restaurants: Points equal to the amount paid
  • Digging up treasure: Points equal to coins gained (1, 500, 10k)
  • Planting items that cost gems: 10k/gem + 2 for the XP required to plant.

No city points are awarded for completing quests in a city other than points awarded for actions required for the quest.

No city points are awarded for planting gifts, except for the usual 2CP for planting any item.

Original Update Text:

Say hello to City Points!
We're keeping score for your city. See the little number with a green star? Make it bigger! Everything you do in your town increases your city's score, so you can feel even more awesome about your home town.
What adds to the score, you ask?
Plants, decor, and restaurants add their value for as long as you own them. You also earn points from harvesting and zombies, which last for 2 weeks. If you use a Ca$hUP or eBook powerup, your city earns more points too! So keep up the fight and make your city the best one there is!