World Trade Center

World Trade Center 04-09-2011

Location: World Trade Center, NY
Alternate Drop: September 11

There are several tributes that have been placed at the site of the World Trade Center Towers in New York. The oldest tributes are two White Cedars placed by Basil, one to mark the location of where each of the twin towers stood. They remain watered and fertilized in remembrance.

The main flecktion at Ground Zero is the United States Flag by BottleBlonde. Other pieces have been added to the flag (such as Lovely Roses to fill in the stars and White Tulips to compose actual stripes) as plants have been added to fleck.

More recently a cross was placed at the site by Hox and MikeKendall.

Many people have placed various flowers at the site and several people have tended them for months or longer.

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